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  • Zinc Strips(99% Zn)

    $20.00 $12.00

    Zinc strips (99% purity)  is ideal for Au, Ag and PGM precipitation from leaching solution, Zinc strips have simpler process than zinc powder in gold precipitation process. in Eco-goldex E series product derived pregnant solution, Zinc strips must work together with Ammonia solution or gold precipitation package A,B,C to precipitate gold from preg solution.

    Basically, to precipitate 1 g of Au/Ag/PGM, 10 grams of Zinc strip are recommended. It usually takes 2-3 hours to complete the precipitation. 

    This sample has 250 grams of Zinc, which theoretically can precipitate 25 grams of gold from pregnant solution.

    You can order zinc strips based on your estimated recoverable gold quantity. For large quantity, please Contact Us directly.