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  • Hydrometallurgical (Gold adsorption) Resin (Macroporous weak basic styrene series)

    $165.00 $155.00

    this Hydro-metallurgical resin is idea for gold adsorption in gold ore leaching solution or E-waste stripping preg-solution. Resin work in weak Alkaline condition.

    • Generally, our hydro-metallurgical type resin adsorption capacity is about 10% of its weight and also proportional to gold contents in preg-solution (the higher gold contents in solution, the better adsorption of resin).  1 kg resin can adsorb about 100 grams gold.
    • Gold adsorption Resin is usually sold in "liter". Product is packaged in 5 liters per unit (bag), weight 4 kg / bag.
    • Au contents in the post resin adsorption preg-solution can be as low as 0.5-1 PPM.
    • Gold recovery from loaded resin is through incineration (for E-waste preg-solution) or elute (for gold ore leaching preg-solution).