Eco-goldex Provides Its unique Eco-friendly Products for Precious Metal Extraction!
  • Intermediate-high Frequency Induction Heating Furnace

    $3,150.00 $2,850.00

    This portable, effective and yet efficient intermediate-high frequency induction electronic refinery furnace is ideal for small-medium scale precious metal refinery operation. 

    • Refinery capacity ranges 0.5 kg-8 kg, with three sets of different heating coils and crucibles (graphite). Buyers will specify the exact coil and crucible sizes. 
    • One main heating system with three Interchangeable heating coils can fit different material heating requirements. 
    • Power ranges 25KW. Work voltage 220-380V, 3 phases, Current frequency 60Hz. 
    • Equipment gross weight: 21- 49KG. 
    • Max heating temperature 1950 oC.