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  • Semi Automatic gold stripping system

    $17,000.00 $17,000.00

    This semi-automatic gold stripping system is capable processing E-waste materials about 1000 kg per day.  This is an updated system with two working cells, one rinsing cell and one load platform/unload chute.  Two stripping barriers with two different screen sizes (5mm, 8mm) to handle different electronic parts (i.e. large sized PCB and small sized pins will be processed in separate barriers).

    2 HP motor provides driving power for lifting and transferring barriers among cells as well as barrier spinning. Control panel sets striping time and stripping temperature control(on/off). heated stripping cell with stainless heater.

    Material PP sheet with external reinforced frames. 

    Stripping barrier dimension: diameter: 432 mm; length: 600 mm

     Working electricity voltage (220 voltage, 3 phases, 60 Hz).  

    System can be customised to fit specific operational capacity requirement.