Eco-goldex Provides Its unique Eco-friendly Products for Precious Metal Extraction!
  • Eco-Goldex E Series

    $38.00 $30.00

    the Eco-Goldex E Series reagent is specially formulated for fast Au, Ag, PGM stripping from E-waste materials, scrap metals and jewelry. The reagent doesn't need pH adjustment in solution.  

    Gold recovery from the E series pregnant solution is through our own zinc strips (powder) precipitation or chemical precipitation method or electrowinning method. 

    For 1000 grams E reagent, it can strip about 125-150 grams of Au /Ag /PGM from E-waste or other precious metal bearing materials.  

    Please note, the E series is an agent that purely strip  gold/silver out of the plated electronic parts. to precipitate gold from the pregnant solution, you need to use one of the three methods (zinc strip method, chemical method or electrowinning method), the user may order these gold precipitation products separately from us. 

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