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Eco-Goldex C Series (pre-treatment agent for complex ores)

$68.00 $60.00

The Eco-Goldex C Series (a special auxiliary agent for complex gold ore pre-treatment before apply the O series in is formulated for complex gold ores (gold ores with complex mineralogy and high contents of harmful elements such as As, Sb, Pb, Cu, and gold ores with sulfide contents over 5%). It works in pH condition ranging 10.5-11.5. Applicable in Heap Leaching/CIL/CIP process. It is recommended that this kind of complex ores to be pre-processed for good gold leaching rate. 

Eco-goldex O series itself can treat normal arsenopyrite gold ores with about 85 % gold leaching rate. we recommend client only test the C series when it is necessary, and C series only aim to specific and real complex gold ores. we also recommend client send us ore samples to test at our lab first before order the reagent.

Gold recovery from pregnant solution through Activated Carbon/Merrill-Crowe Method. 

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