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  • Chemical precipitation method package

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    This chemical package consists major agents A and B that works in the first stage precious metal (Au, Ag, Pd...) precipitation and complementary agents for residual precious metal precipitation in the second stage. In addition two packs of pH test strips are included in the package.

    This chemical precipitation package and method is ideal for small scale and hobbyist gold recovery in e-scraps.

    Please note:

    • while the E series agent (1kg) can process about 40-100 kg e-scarps depending on material quality, the chemicals in the package can only process about 4-5 liters of pregnant solution. for first time user, it is recommended to prepare 3-5 liters stripping solution to start the test. package photos in the shopping cart may be different from the package you will receive, but the items you receive should be compelte for you to conduct the stripping as described.
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